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Our Facilities

In our wholly owned facility in Corcoran, Minnesota, just 25 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, resides our offices, warehouse, and uniquely beautiful showroom.

Concrete Science Showroom

Concrete Science Showroom

When you visit our showroom in Corcoran, Minnesota, you are visiting a one of a kind room where you can see all of our colors, aggregates, and topping techniques in one room.

If you have any questions about topping techniques, you will likely find an example of it on our floor!

Renovated Warehouse

Renovated Warehouse

Our internal warehouse is newly renovated and organized to minimize lag time in getting ready for our jobs. The meticulous organization we’ve put into the facility here translates to better prepared workers and more savings for you, our customer.


Foreman Workstations

We built temporary workstations to give our foremen a place to get organized in the mornings and evenings other than their trucks. At Concrete Science, we know that having happy workers makes happy customers.

If you are interested in learning more about our professional approach to concrete contracting, or may be interested in joining our team, please contact us today.

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