Cool-Off is considered the first name in patio misting systems, a reputable supplier of products designed to keep you cool throughout the summer. If you’re in the market for an outdoor mister for your garden, barbecue spot, patio, pool deck, or any backyard location, you’ll find we have one of the largest selections of misting systems for sale online. Browse our portable misters, mid and high-pressure misters, misting tents & umbrellas, and shade products, all at some of the best prices you’ll find online.

3 Top Products We Carry at Cool-Off

1. We’re home to some of the best water cooling systems on the market today, including portable misters that are easy to transport from one location to another. Check out all of our portable outdoor water misting equipment online and reach out to us with any questions.

If you frequently attend sporting events outdoors or visit with friends or family for cookouts, you’ll want to take along one of our portable misting fans complete with water holding tank. Choose from our smallest unit, Tropical Breeze, our mid-size misting fan, Island Breeze, or our largest portable mister, Tahitian Breeze.

2. We highly recommend our mid-pressure misting system for families that want to spend more time enjoying their backyard spaces. For long-lasting value, select one of our mid-pressure systems with stainless tubing and choose the number of misting nozzles you’ll need to create a cool oasis around your yard.

Everything you need to install one of our patio misting systems is included in our misting system kits, including all water misting accessories and parts. Instructions on installation are found on our website, along with our customer support number in case you need our assistance.

3. The best misting systems for commercial use are Cool-Off’s high-pressure misting systems. Best of all, these misters are 100% customizable to meet your needs. Select from 40-140 misting nozzles, depending on the size our your outdoor area or your misting needs. Rest easy knowing that a Cool-Off expert is always just one call away if you need our help with product selection.

Our high-pressure misting systems are ideal for entranceways to hotels & restaurants, key areas around your flea market, in your warehouse, or at your commercial swimming pool. There’s no limit to the applications you’ll discover for our commercial misters.

Shade And Mist- A Cooling Comobination

Enhance the enjoyment level of one of our patio misting systems with a spot of shade in your backyard; we have many patio umbrellas to choose from on the Cool-Off website. With products sold in our Web store, you can put up an instant cabana to give your family and guests additional respite from the sun and heat.

With Cool-Off products, you can reclaim all of your outdoor spaces and start enjoying your backyard to the fullest degree. Browse our online store to see current sales, discounts, and exceptional value products for the summer months. Don’t hesitate to contact our staff at 800-504-6478 if you have questions or need our assistance in any way.

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