Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool Deck resurfacing by Concrete Science is the fast and affordable way to make your pool deck look amazing—and get great reviews!

We’ve all been there. The pool deck is cracked (crumbling in some areas), stained, and really ugly to look at. Like most businesses, you’ve likely put off refurbishing your pool deck because of the long turnaround, high-cost, hassle, and disruption that comes with replacing your boring, grey concrete.

With a wide-range of great-looking resurfacing options from Concrete Science, however, you avoid all the negatives and access all the positives that come from refurbishing your commercial pool deck.

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Make it Fast and Easy

The bad news is that tearing out and replacing your pool deck concrete is a big and arduous project that will have your guests or visitors complaining that your pool is closed for weeks. And you certainly don’t want the hassle of a long, dirty project—or the grief that guests will give you (both online and in person) when they’re disappointed and unhappy.

The good news is that pool deck resurfacing from Concrete Science can usually be done within a week. What’s more, it lets you skip most of the dust, dirt, and disruption to your business.

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Save Tons of Money

The bad news is that tearing out and replacing pool deck concrete is expensive. Just think about needing to redo all the plumbing and electrical! And it’s made even more expensive because of the extended period of lost business that you suffer.

The good news is that pool deck resurfacing from Concrete Science will help you save from 33-68% over the cost of a tear-out and replace project. What’s more, our innovative pool coatings can simply be refreshed every few years for a fraction of the cost of the original resurfacing project.

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Make It Look Amazing

The bad news is that your dirty, uneven, defective, and (likely) unsafe pool deck is making your guests and visitors cringe. Sadly, this diminishes the overall positive experience that you’re striving to provide for them. And if you’ve tried to patch and repair your concrete, it’s probably showing its age.

The good news is that it’s never been easier or more convenient to repair and resurface your existing pool deck so that it’s clean, even, free of defects, visually interesting, and state-of-the-art.

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Get Better Reviews

The bad news is that, over time, standard grey-concrete pool decks (whether in- or outdoors) decay and begin to look shabby. Your guests and visitors see a shabby pool deck as a sign of a shabby operation. And shabby experiences lead to shabby reviews both online and by word-of-mouth.

The good news is that, with Concrete Science, you can bring resort-grade concrete surfaces to your pool deck that will have our guests raving glad for years to come.

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