Concrete Patios

Enjoy The Beautiful MN Summers with A New Outdoor Living Space!

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Enjoy The Beautiful MN Summers with A New Outdoor Space!

What’s better than enjoying your backyard on a nice summer day? Enjoying it on your new patio! A concrete patio is a classic way to add an outdoor living space to your home. Concrete Science has the experience to guide you through the design and installation of your new additon.

Patio Upgrades


A concrete border is a simple yet elegant finish to your new outdoor patio. Offered in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, borders add a visually appealing edge to your concrete installation.

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Staining is a process that adds a wash of color to your concrete patio. Whether the color is subtle or dramatic, the choice is up to you! Our team has the experience to even create patterns and designs by using a stain finish.

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If you want a high-end feel to your patio, a custom concrete inset is a great choice. Start by choosing from a wide variety of textures, colors and patterns, then add your own personal touches. We’ll put it all together and create a unique masterpiece just for you!

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Open-Faced Edge

Open concrete faces are typical in areas that have varying heights or changes in elevation. This upgrade adds a rock face or textured stamped visual to your otherwise basic broom finish.

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Patio Finish Options

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