Pool Decks

Update your outdoor living space with a safe and beautiful concrete pool deck!

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Create A Safe & Slip-Free Space with A Custom Pool Deck

Considering how much water exposure and foot traffic your inground pool deck receives, the surrounding concrete should not only be beautiful and inviting but also extremely durable and slip-resistant. Concrete is the ideal material for pool decks due to its ability for custom shapes, textures and finishes.

Pool Deck Upgrades


A nicely landscaped and beautifully designed yard deserves a beautiful pool deck to go along with it! A custom border is a nice custom touch to add visual appeal to your concrete pool surroundings.

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Walk-On Auto-Cover Lids

An automatic pool deck cover is an excellent way to conceal both the cover and the mechanism – and prevent stubbed toes! We can also match an inside border color and texture on the lid covers to create a cohesive perimeter border.

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Cantilevered Coping

Coping is the finishing touch when installing an in-ground pool. This refers to the finished edge of a pool where the concrete meets the pool structure. It is the component that seamlessly transitions the pool to the surrounding deck area.

Cantilevered Coping can be poured separately from a pool deck or with it to allow for a seamless concrete coping. We offer different styles, including several stamped options that complement a stamped concrete finish.

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Drainage Options

Managing surface water is vital to increase the longevity of any pool deck or concrete space. Drains come in many sizes and colors and are almost always necessary when installing a new pool deck.

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Pool Deck Finish Options

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