Garage Floor Coatings

An epoxy-coated concrete garage floor is exceptionally durable, stain resistant and especially resistant to the damage occurring from salt intrusion. 91% of Midwest garage floors suffer from salt related damage due to road salts residing on an uncoated floor surface. Epoxy flooring can also be surprisingly beautiful and lends itself perfectly to more artistic applications.

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“The benefit of extreme durability with eye-popping aesthetics”

Protect Your Garage Floor With Our Durable Epoxy Coatings

Why It’s Important:
Epoxy is a near-miraculous coating solution that creates a durable and highly-customizable surface
that’s resistant to staining, chipping, and denting, and will maintain its beauty and integrity
for years to come. It’s no wonder epoxy is fast becoming a favorite upgrade for homeowners!

Your Checklist:
1. Prior to beginning an epoxy coating installation, the concrete surface underneath must be
professionally assessed and repaired as needed.
2. The concrete surface will be ground and blasted in order to prepare it for the application
3. An experienced epoxy installer with a firm commitment to best practices is key to a
high-performing finished surface.

The Concrete Science Advantage:
The proper mixing and application of epoxy requires a thorough understanding of both the aesthetics
and the chemistry involved. Our installers are experts at both the art and science of epoxy
application and are committed to getting it right so that we exceed your expectations.

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Preparation, first and foremost!

Proper surface preparation is key to a well bonded, “Lifetime Warranted” coating installation. Concrete Science uses a variety of surface abrasion equipment to ensure that the surface is clean, defect free and prepared to receive a new coating. The use of both shot-blasting equipment and diamond grinders covers all aspects of required surface preparation for a successful installation.

The Flake System

An epoxy flake system creates a durable, slip-resistant surface that marries the practicality of epoxy with the organic “flecked” look of marble or granite. This is achieved by mixing a blend of acrylic flakes into the epoxy compound and can be customized to match your home’s color palette.

Special Considerations

  • If your floor has heavy damage, a ¼” flake blend can help camouflage those areas better than a smaller flake size.
  • Our garage floor coatings have a lifetime warranty against delamination or product failure.

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Most Popular Flake Blends:

epoxy garage floor

The Quartz System

Epoxy quartz is created by embedding colored quartz granules in the epoxy resin matrix. The end result is a sparkling, lightly-textured floor that delivers a high-end look without the associated price tags and maintenance.

Special Considerations

  • Decide whether you’d like the quartz aggregate evenly distributed throughout the epoxy surface for a subtle sparkle, or coating the surface (“full broadcast”) for a granite effect.
  • Quartz granules come in a variety of colors which can be blended and combined to create different effects.

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Most Popular Quartz Colors:


Vertical Baseboard

A vertical baseboard creates a seamless transition from your new epoxy floor to the wall, lending an attractive “finished” look while making the floor easier to clean. No wonder a baseboard is our most popular upgrade to epoxy flooring installations!

Step Broadcast

Our technicians aren’t limited to epoxy floors—we can install coating systems on steps and stairs too, along with fine details like treads, risers, and skirt-boards, in order to deliver a completely customized look.

Wall Application

Epoxy coatings can even be applied to large vertical surfaces like walls, making it the perfect coating system for home gyms, mudrooms, and any other area in your house that could benefit from a little extra stain-resistance and durability.

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