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With our legacy in building long lasting concrete structures, swimming pool construction and rehabilitation have been a natural progression of our offerings for the Minnesota marketplace.

Whether your needs include decking, coping or plastering, our pool construction experts can help you create your dream pool escape and make the most of your pool investment dollars.

Concrete & Brick Coping

Concrete & Brick Coping

Properly constructing pool coping with concrete or brick takes a great deal of experience that most contractors simply don’t possess. Our team is highly experienced in coping installations of all types – auto cover lids, cantilevered, stamped and colored, fully customized precast and exposed aggregate. A good looking coping literally frames your pool environment and sets the tone for a beautiful back yard!

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Concrete Pool Decks

To properly repair and install concrete pool decking, you need to work with a company that understands concrete, not just pools.

Drainage, electrical inspections, municipal codes, track covers and existing pool condition assessment to name a few. We have years of experience doing concrete work in commercial and residential pool environments and can make your pool deck look outstanding and last a lifetime.

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Deck Coating & Refinishing

If you are considering coating or refinishing your concrete pool deck, we can offer you many designs and product possibilities that will perform in our tough Minnesota climate.

Our team of concrete coating experts will collaborate with you to find the right coating for your concrete decking performance needs.

Resurfacing Options

Pool Restorations

When your pool’s concrete surfaces are starting to show signs of deterioration, it’s important to get a professional  assessment before you start spending money on costly and sometimes unjustified repairs. We are experts at examining damaged areas and providing cost effective solutions to what are usually simple problems. We provide installations and replacement services for all coping types, wall plastering, bond beams repair, concrete decks and drainage systems.

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Landscape Restorations

Landscape Restorations

Not just concrete or stone work here! our team can design,  refresh and refurbish your poolside landscaping with an expert green-thumb. We work closely with several contract landscape designers who understand aquatic environments and the importance of selecting appropriate plant materials combined with long lasting design concepts for a beautiful and manageable landscape.

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