Concrete Staining

Concrete floors don't have to look like concrete! Staining is a fantastic way to transform your floors from bland to grand. Versatile in the design, these floors are becoming more and more popular in both commercial and residential spaces.

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Enhance the Elegance and Beauty of Any Space With Custom Stained Floors!

Concrete staining is a great method to enhance your indoor and outdoor concrete. With the ability to be applied to new or old concrete, the stain will create a professional and aesthetically pleasing ambiance to any space. Allowing for a variety of customized finishes, stained floors can achieve almost any look while providing a durable and cost-effective solution.

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Increased Durability

Concrete staining penetrates deep into the surface, creating long-lasting durable floors. These floors will not fade, chip, peel or wear out in any way. Sealed with an epoxy topcoat, the product is well preserved.

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concrete stained labyrinth

Unlimited Design Options

With the ability to transform any area, concrete staining can create a variety of looks. The results from this product have the capability to mirror the look of leather, marbled floors or any custom pattern to meet your style. These floors can renovate any ordinary slab of concrete into a luxurious and beautiful space.

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Low Maintenance

Unlike tile and other floors with grout lines, this seamless surface is easy to clean. Preventing the ability for dust, mold and other allergens to get trapped, the use of concrete floors can improve the cleanliness of any industrial or residential space. When applied properly and finished with a sealer, these floors require very minimal upkeep!

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Designed for Most Budgets

Decorative concrete flooring is affordable when compared to other options. Depending on the complexity of the design, along with the square footage of the space, these floors are considered a cost-friendly option.

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Stained Floors Can Be Installed in A Variety of Locations

These floors can be installed indoors AND out! Our team can help you decide which sealer will best fit your floors depending on the intensity of the foot traffic and whether or not your concrete will experience harsh weather conditions.

Common uses of stained flooring:

  • Manufacturing plant flooring
  • Warehouse flooring
  • Distribution plant flooring
  • Factory flooring
  • Aircraft hangar flooring
  • Retail, mall and shopping center flooring
  • Commercial kitchen and restaurant flooring
  • School hallway flooring
  • Showroom flooring
  • Outdoor spaces such as pool decks and patios

Stained Flooring Color Options

Acid vs Water-Based Staining

Acid: This method penetrates and reacts chemically with the existing concrete creating natural color variations. This adds character and unique effects that appear like marble or granite. The color selection for acid staining is generally composed of earthy tones and is commonly used in outdoor settings.

Water: If you’re looking for more of a colorful and bold effect, ranging from a spectrum of hues, water-based staining can broaden your options. These floors are found more frequently in indoor settings.

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