Choosing the right concrete contractor for your newest upcoming project can be tricky. You want to be sure your new addition and the concerns that come along with it, are carefully discussed and understood. Concrete Science believes in quality, integrity, and trust in order to truly meet our client’s needs and exceed expectations!

Offering both residential and commercial services, our concrete professionals specialize in providing driveways, patios, pool decks and more! No work is too big or too small for our team to tackle!


Driveways can make or break your home’s curb appeal. When done with proper preparation and quality materials, a concrete driveway is a durable, elegant and high performing surface that complements your home!


What’s better than enjoying your backyard on a nice summer day? Enjoying it on your new patio! A concrete patio is a classic way to add an outdoor living space to your home. Concrete Science has the experience to guide you through the design and installation of your new concrete patio.

Sidewalks & Stoops

The paths around your home are important in terms of aesthetic appeal and accessibility. Concrete sidewalks and stoops are not only long-lasting and durable but can also add design flair to your home through decorative accents, textures, and stains.

Pool Decks

Considering how much water exposure and foot traffic your inground pool deck receives, the surrounding concrete should not only be beautiful and inviting but also extremely durable and slip-resistant. Concrete is the ideal material for pool decks due to its ability for custom shapes, textures and finishes.