3 Reasons to Install Concrete Garage Floor Coating During the Minnesota Winter

Garages can experience extensive damage during the harsh conditions of Minnesota winters. However, with the right type of concrete floor coating, you can rejuvenate your garage floor without waiting for warmer weather. Here are three reasons you should have concrete garage floor coating installed during the winter in Minnesota. 

Protect Floors from Harmful Rock Salt

Rock salt from your vehicle during the harsh Minnesota winter can leave ugly stains on your concrete garage floor. It can also be harmful to the overall durability of your floor over time. Changes in temperature and melted salt mixed in snow can make your garage floor more prone to cracking. Concrete garage floor coating can not only protect from harmful rock salt but also make cleaning and maintenance easier. In addition, the slip-resistant surface can protect you from injury from slips and falls on wet floors.

Shorter Concrete Garage Floor Coating Installation Wait Times

Many individuals may believe that waiting until spring or summer is necessary for a high-quality concrete garage floor coating installation. This can result in work crews being more available for projects during the winter months. However, our experienced concrete garage floor coating professionals know how to apply materials during the cold winter months to achieve the best results. As a result, you can have your floor redone faster and ready to enjoy all spring and summer long.

Customize the New Year Transformation of Your Garage

With the start of the new year, many individuals are looking to transform certain areas of their homes with a fresh new look. Concrete garage floor coating can be customized with a wide selection of colors and textures. In addition, epoxy and polymer coatings can give you a one-of-a-kind finish to improve the overall aesthetics of your home or business. 

Professional Minnesota Garage Floor Coating Services You Can Trust

Concrete garage floor coatings can be highly beneficial for protection during the harsh Minnesota winter months. A concrete coating professional can help you choose the best coating for your needs. The experienced experts at Concrete Science specialize in a wide range of comprehensive concrete construction and rehabilitation services for residential and commercial customers in the Twin Cities area. Call to receive a free quote on concrete garage floor coating services today!