Horticulture & Cannabis Flooring Systems

Since 2016 Concrete Science has been working with Industry leaders in large- and small-scale horticultural flooring and spec. designs. We researched established regions where manufacturing, processing, and packaging was prevalent to help us determine the most applicable installations for our customers.
From Drain and Trench inlay, Neat Flooring, USDA Approved food packaging and static/ spark free installations, we can help assist in the flooring design and construction for your project.

Why coat your concrete flooring?

In both new and existing facilities, concrete tends to be the most common flooring material choice. High PSI Concrete can handle extensive traffic while controlling costs. However, concrete can naturally be a porous substrate depending on the finish. If not protected, maintenance can be difficult. When used in Cannabis manufacturing facilities, the flooring has high exposure to H2o, cleaning agents, humidity and salt-based fertilizer, fungicides, and pesticides.
The various type of flooring options we install can help protect cannabis plants from pests, fungi, and diseases by sealing voids where they can be harbored. The slip resistant texture ensures your cannabis manufacturing floor is safe when your employees are watering and manicuring plants as well as smooth floors for trimming, processing, and packaging.

What areas in my facility would require this type of flooring?

Listening to our customers, we have discovered that all rooms could require an applicable resinous floor, We can help guide you to a proper system for each.

  1. Veg and Flower space
  2. Tissue Culture, Mother Plant and Cloning
  3. Pump/ Reservoir Lung Rooms
  4. Extraction Lab
  5. Cold/ Freeze Dry Spaces
  6. Packaging Rooms
  7. Processing / Trim Area
  8. Humidity controlled Dry Rooms
  9. Decorative Retail Space
  10. Office Space
  11. Long Terms Storage
  12. Outdoor Cultivation Space

What types of systems do you offer?

Our cannabis flooring systems are resinous based products engineered for various applications in the cannabis industry. These applications include visually appealing metallic floors for retail sales, ultra-durable urethane surfaces for indoor cultivation areas, neat flooring for processing, spark/static proof systems for extraction and USDA approved systems with cove base to provide medical grade flooring for chromatography and tissue culture. Epoxies, Polyurea’s, Polyaspartic, Densified concrete and power troweled surfaces are all different options depending on architectural specifications and design/ build budget.

How long does it take?

In a high production facility, downtime can produce unwanted stress to plants that need a perfect environment. With newly developed epoxies and polyurethanes, the installation process can be quick (depending on the prep work) We diamond grind all flooring applications with a goal of a CSP 3-4 and a mil thickness between 8-24 mils. 20K SF can be ground and patched within 3-5 days with a full installation taking an additional 3-5 days. A medium sized facility starts to finish in a little over a week if its wide open and pre-interior framing. Depending on the phasing of your construction project, we will coordinate with other sub-contractors and install teams to work efficiently and effectively to complete your project in the desired timeline.

Why us?

Concrete Science has a high-quality reputation in the industry focused on large commercial flooring installations. We just recently celebrated our 50th anniversary and pride ourselves in being a local family-owned company with over 120 employees. We adhere to strict OSHA and Silica guidelines/regulations. We offer low VOC systems and Eco-friendly options to fit each company’s vision for a compatible and functional floor. We have done the research with Minnesota based compliance and will help you start your project planning today.


Concrete Science has performed 3 separate projects for us over the past few years and completed them on time, professionally with quality workmanship.

– B.D.