National & International waterpark resurfacing specialists.

We work with the industry leaders in surface preparation and acrylic products to offer an innovative and dustless removal of old products or surface preparation of new concrete. We have worked regionally from California, Arizona to Florida, North Dakota, Texas, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. This helps us understand concrete and environmental factors that affect our product, surface preparation quality and final product integrity. Using the correct method of removal or new surface prep is the most important part of the waterpark acrylic flooring process and it’s what we pride ourselves in specializing in.

We offer:

  • Multiple Designs, colors and textures
  • Innovative slip resistant grip mechanisms and durable cement based overlays
  • Year round traveling installation teams
  • Knowledge in large aquatics new build and existing custom renovation project


We have a team of 20 industry leading installation professionals that specialize in acrylic overlayment and resurfacing systems. The group has completed over 1,000,000 Square feet of different acrylic waterpark flooring systems and are continuing to become more efficient. We have the flexibility to travel locally or internationally for short and long durations and are compliant in all OSHA guidelines and regulations. They have accrued countless hours of training in various texture installation types as well as surface preparation and proper repair, maintenance, and finish applications. We pride ourselves in a quality group employee that emphasize safety, quality, and timely installations.

Don’t Settle for Uninspiring!

Concrete overlays can mimic slate, travertine, brick, and even wood. Whether it’s your waterpark or your commercial pool deck, Concrete Science delivers high-quality concrete overlays in the United States and surrounding countries. Our goal is that the results are exactly how you envisioned them. On top of stamped and textured patterns, we also offer solid color overlays to create an even, uniform appearance for your aquatic space.


  1. The different types of designs we specialize in are wet decks, splash pads, towers, stairs, ramps, rollbacks, F&B areas, vertical application (handhold and freeboard) as well as heat and slip mitigating surfaces. We can offer 18 standard colors and 4 textures, custom patterns, custom colors with an intimate sampling process as well as surfaces mimicking natural surfaces such as stone, wood plank or tile.
  2. All patterns and designs are done by hand or manufactured stencils, once the proposed work is approved customers meet with a design team via in person or web meeting. Ideas are submitted and the sampling process begins, everything is shipped so the customer can touch and feel the natural textures as well as see the colors in person, so the installation is as accurate as possible.
  3. Colors can be customized to match paints, themes, other areas of the park or swatch options. Stain and antique options can be selected from different manufacturers or a meeting to collaborate on previous work can help spur ideas to help complement the parks existing features and layout.

Surface Is Prepped

We assess the structural integrity, repair any surface cracks, and grind the surface to ensure a proper bond between the concrete and the overlay.

Overlays Are Custom Mixed

Our proprietary polymer concrete blends are customizable and mixed for maximum adhesive strength and moisture resistance.

Coating Is Applied

Our crew applies the overlay in successive layers, spreading and smoothing with a squeegee or trowel.

Overlay Is Refined

Once the concrete begins to set, we smooth and refine the surface by hand, adding decorative shapes and designs as requested. This stage requires a high level of skill and finesse.

Cured Surface Is Finished

Our crew works efficiently to leave the surface clear and blemish-free—allowing 6-8 hours for the overlay to cure—then shaping and smoothing imperfections and sealing to lock in the original color and pattern.


These guys are awesome! High quality work at a fantastic price!

– Dave, Minneapolis

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