Have you thought about creating a unique look on your concrete installations that no one has made before? Artistic creations can be done in different ways with concrete, but one that is among the longest lasting and most striking is concrete stains.

Staining concrete is a job that requires careful planning, good equipment and supplies, and a skillful hand. Doing this yourself might be too much to ask, so working with experienced contractors is the best bet when creating a look that will help your property stand out from the rest.

Concrete Science is often contracted to do unique, intricate stain designs, so we thought we’d give a guide here so homeowners and anyone interested will learn what to expect when planning a staining project.

When concrete is stained, the property owner usually has very specific needs and wants something special, so we always let them watch and make sure we’re doing everything right. On the job site, we welcome you to follow along with your foreman. The steps below illustrate what it takes to complete a custom designed stain job.

  1. Foreman meets client and goes over what is to be done
  2. Floor will be prepared through proper cleaning or light sanding based off floor condition
  3. Once floor is prepared and clean we will put up tape and poly as needed
  4. Same will be approved prior and we will then apply stain throughout per manufactures spec. This will allowed to fully and dry and chemically react
  5. We will then neutralize floor [if needed based off which stain was used] and allow to dry
  6. Final sealer coat will be applied based off sample and job sheet.
  7. Tape and poly will be removed from job site

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