Concrete Cleaning & Sealing Services

Has the excessive wear and tear from our crazy Minnesota weather got your concrete looking shabby? If not, it won’t be too long before it does. Let's do something about it before it's too late!

Protect, Preserve, Enhance, and Restore Your Concrete.

The cold, hard fact is that your concrete is vulnerable to costly deterioration if left uncared for—but the good news is that keeping it strong and beautiful is completely affordable! Concrete Science has the knowledge, experience, and a passion for making sure that your concrete investment is sound while maintaining its attractive and functional appearance.

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Your concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool deck were a big investment; but if you don’t take action, the expense of replacing damaged concrete can be huge. To avoid this unnecessary, costly expense, you simply must take action to protect it. The Minnesota freeze/thaw cycles are harsh on your concrete surface, and it only takes a few years for damage to set in. But if you protect your concrete surface with a commercial grade sealer, you’ll proactively protect your investment and enjoy it for years to come.

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Does your concrete surface look awesome already? That’s great—but let’s make sure it stays that way! The reality is that you must have Concrete Science clean & seal all of your exposed concrete surfaces every 2-5 years. It’s simple and affordable.

  • Step One: We use a professional-grade hot water, deep cleaning tool to prepare the surface.
  • Step Two: We apply the appropriate cleaning agent for your specific needs (One size does not fit all!)
  • Step Three: Once the surface is dry, we apply a commercial grade sealer to achieve the perfect look.

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You love the color of your concrete—from traditional grey, earth tones, to bright colors or black ice. Whatever the color, your concrete looks its best when you seal in its original color before it becomes stained and shabby. And just like when finishing natural wood floors, a commercial grade sealer applied to concrete brings out their natural colors and makes them more vivid. What’s more, the right sealer will also bring out the detail of the stamps and the textures of your concrete to make it look like new every time.

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Over the years, excessive wear and tear due to harsh weather conditions as well as vehicle and foot traffic causes your concrete to lose some of its texture and color. And if it’s not too late, professional cleaning and sealing application will restore some of its original luster. If you need more extensive resurfacing and restoration, however, don’t despair! Concrete Science has a range of affordable concrete resurfacing options available to you. 

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