Spring has sprung, which means patio season is almost in full effect. Due to all of the snow melting and rain that this time of the year creates, the mud, water, and grime have most-likely dirtied up your concrete. Concrete cleaning and sealing will help to prevent the further deterioration of your concrete, and restore the beauty and appeal your concrete once had.

Concrete Science wants your beautiful concrete to last, and in order to do so, we go through this three-step process:

  • We use a professional-grade hot water, deep cleaning tool as the first stage to prepare your concrete
  • We match and apply the appropriate cleaning agent for your home`s specific needs
  • Once steps one and two are completed and dry, we will apply a commercial grade sealer to ensure your concrete`s beauty is rejuvenated!

Sealing your patio will not only protect against wear and tear, harsh weather, and discoloration from the effects of UV rays, but can vastly enhance the color and aesthetics of your beautiful patio.

Over time your patio is going to take a strong beating from many sources. There is the weather; people walking to and fro; seats and cooking equipment from a patio furniture store placed on it; etc. this is why it is best to keep on top of any issues that arise or to get it cleaned and re-done anyway, to push away that chance of underlying damage happening and a bigger bill coming your way from what you will need to do to it. Looking at some patio paver cleaning services can help you narrow down the one you need to do the best job for your patio. If you don’t, you could have irreversible damage done in your backyard area, which in turn could affect the rest of your back garden as well, especially if there are pipes that run underneath, a crack could mean leaking into the underground causing foundation issues running up to your home that is harder to sort out and will require a lot more than a cleaning service to fix. You not only want your patio to look good but you want to be sure that you are keeping it ‘healthy’ so that a knock-on effect won’t occur when you least need it to, and you get to save on those pennies along the way.

So contact your local patio cleaner if we are not in your available area, and make sure you are keeping on top of what you need to, for a safe home.