Create any Concrete Effect You Want with Scientific Precision

Concrete surfaces are hard-wearing and durable, which is why homes and businesses value this relatively inexpensive building material. With lower maintenance and replacement costs, concrete is typically a good investment over the long term.

Unfortunately, most contractors do not have the experience, tools, or skills to install concrete surfaces that are visually attractive with practical benefits.  If you want to enhance your concrete flooring, patio, deck or pool area, it is time to call in a specialist.

Concrete Science

Our Concrete Science team is comprised of both certified architectural concrete and ACI certified technicians. We provide stamped concrete installations, giving your finish the appearance of slate. Do you need a nonslip surface for the poolside? Our team can incorporate materials that create a safe and warm area to relax by the pool.

Commercial premises with plain concrete floors may suffer from limited footfall. However, visitors and customers are drawn to the visual aspects of your business location – not just your products and services. Creative designs can enhance your space to better reflect your brand as a company. If you need inspiration or services, Concrete Science is only a phone call away!

We can help you achieve that perfect landscape design by integrating concrete finishing elements to match any design or theme. The team at Concrete Science is composed of industry specialists who also possess the artistic flair needed to ensure your ideas are implemented to the letter. Our services are available to homeowners and businesses throughout the Midwest.

To find out more about the effects achievable with Concrete Science, reach out to our offices today. We look forward to helping you bring your vision for aesthetically stunning concrete surfaces to life!