Get your Midwest Pool Ready for Brighter Weather

Has your pool and poolside dulled over the years? If these outdoor living areas do not reflect the grandeur of your home, now is the best time for a makeover. With extensive experience in all forms of concrete installation, Concrete Science can make your pool is ready for brighter weather.

We understand that a pool in or around Minnesota has more to contend with than those in warmer states. Not only will we focus on the aesthetics of your surfaces both inside and outside of the water, but our team of specialists will also make sure you have a finished installation that is built for the weather.

Weatherized Coating & Refinishing

Only the hardiest Americans would brave a swimming pool in Minnesota. At Concrete Science, we aim to make spending time outdoors a little bit more tolerable with weatherized coating and refinishing. Using materials and techniques suited to seasonal climate changes, we will implement your design elements with flair and attention to detail.

Concrete Pool Decks

A pool deck that looks and feels extravagant is achievable with project completion from Concrete Science. This is an outdoor living space where you will want to spend most of your time with family and friends in the coming months. Handling issues related to drainage, electrical inspections, municipal codes, track covers, and other considerations are just some of the areas that separate us from our competitors.

A combination of services from Concrete Science can significantly improve your outdoor living spaces. For pools, poolside, patios, and more, we can provide landscaping advice and guidance. In fact, our team works with reputable contractors who understand the relationship between aquatic environments’ landscaping features.

If you would like a quote or want to learn more about the services available from Concrete Science, complete our online request form or call to speak to a team member.