After spending time and money creating the design, layout, and overall functionality of your concrete space, it is important that you take the right steps to prolong your investment. Cleaning and sealing is an important element when it comes to properly caring for your concrete.

While concrete may seem sturdy, its strength and durability are heavily reliant on its cleaning and sealing care. Concrete sealers are chemical materials used to add a layer of permanent protection on top of the surface. Not only does a sealer create strength in your concrete, it enhances the appearance! Sealers keep the color from fading, while defending it from stains and moisture absorption, offering numerous kinds of protection.

A sealer should be applied to new concrete once it has cured. Older concrete surfaces should first be cleaned and then followed by a sealer application.  A sealer is recommended to be applied every 2-5 years depending on the intensity of the foot and vehicle traffic it’s exposed to.

Whether you have stamped, decorative or simple concrete finishes, concrete sealing is the best way to enhance your space while avoiding most damages. Protecting against hazards that could potentially harm your concrete, this easy solution is recommended to be applied every 2-5 years in order to prolong your beautiful concrete investment!