How to Preserve the Shine of Your Polished Concrete Surfaces

Many residents in the Twin Cities of Minnesota favor polished concrete floors for their homes. They are aesthetically pleasing, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, long-lasting and require little upkeep. Although, the superb glossiness is likely the most desirable feature.

It is not easy to convey the stunning beauty of a newly polished concrete floor. It is the ideal combination of strength, depth, crispness and finesse. It is nearly impossible to find a flooring option that can compete with the feeling of openness and brightness that this one provides. 

Here are a few ways to keep your polished concrete looking great for as long as possible.


Place Mats at Every Entry Point

Polished concrete does not get scratched easily, but if sharp objects are dragged across it, it will develop scuffs and gouges. If this occurs frequently, it can drastically alter the appearance of your flooring.

Stones stuck in the tread of shoes are a common source of scratches. Mats placed at doorways are a simple solution to this problem. Doing so will also reduce the amount of dirt and dust brought inside from the outdoors.


Keep Your Polished Concrete Dust- and Dirt-Free by Regularly Sweeping and Mopping

Even the shiniest surfaces can become dulled by dirt and dust. Therefore, regular cleaning is essential for polished concrete floors to retain their brilliance. 

A nightly sweep with a microfiber mop (or soft-bristled broom) will keep your floors immaculate. Also, run a damp mop over the surface once a week to remove any lingering dust.


Be Careful of Your Choice of Floor Cleaner!

Acidity quickly dulls polished concrete floors. Most floor cleaners are “neutral” and have a pH of 6–8. They are corrosive and can harm and dull a polished concrete floor. However, polished concrete cleaners exist; opt for them or warm water.


Clean Spills Immediately

Acidic liquids like orange juice or wine can discolor polished concrete. To keep your floor shiny, wipe up spills immediately. Furthermore, concrete is porous and vulnerable to water damage. So, any liquid left to linger could stain the surface.


Hire a Concrete Expert to Help with Maintenance

The floor polishing experts at Concrete Science can help maintain and restore polished concrete surfaces. Contact us for a free quote today if you have any questions or require polishing services.