Thinking of adding a little wow factor to your home? Metallic floors are a trendy route to take when it comes to upgrading your indoor space. These floors produce tints that create a beautiful 3-D effect, while the desired colors still pop through. Though there are many strategic steps when it comes to achieving the desired finished look, the results you’ll get from these metallic floors are most definitely worth it!

We just coated 2,400 sq. ft. of the Sjogren’s residence in Wayzata, MN. Creating a brand-new space, this family has already begun to love their new space! Our crew went about doing this job by first, grinding out the concrete to create a profile for bonding. This allowed us to create a chemical and mechanical bond for the metallic system, ensuring it adheres. Once the base coat cures, the crew applied the metallic layer. Mixing in the resin, hardener and metallic coloring, the product was spread throughout the large space. As every metallic floor is different and customizable, this job included a blend of 5 colors: pearl, charcoal, gunmetal, titanium, and coffee.

Metallic floors are such a durable and sleek way to enhance any space of your home. Along with the professional look it provides, the resilience these floors offer is also something to consider! Beautiful yet resistant to bleach, oil, gasoline and so much more, these epoxy floors are the way to go! And with the help of an epoxy resin, they will give your flooring the added decoration it needs to reach the highest quality, and this could be particularly important when it comes to your flooring.