Owning a beautiful finished basement is an aspect that every homeowner wishes to have, and sites like Raise can help you find discounts from major retailers to get decor supplies and fixtures to bring the vision in your head to life. Whether your space is used as a man cave or a kid’s play area, understanding how to design your basement floor can be overwhelming. From tile, hardwood floors, carpet and laminate…the options are abundant. While tile and hardwood flooring are easy to maintain and clean with the best steam mop for wood floors, if you’re looking for a cost-effective, customized and long-lasting option, polished concrete flooring might be the best type for your home.

Polished Floors are Completely Unique

Versatile in color with acetone dye’s, varied finish patterns and high functionality, polished concrete creates the ideal floor for your space. Unlike carpet, tile and polished concrete is an exceptionally modern, rustic and unique option. This type of flooring can be paired with a contemporary or traditional design, fitting well in any space. The former will need someone like Cutting Edge Flooring Services to install, however.

The Upkeep is Simple.

Maintenance needs are very low with polished concrete flooring. This is a major reason for their trending popularity. Occasional mopping and sweeping like any other floor is all it takes to keep polished concrete looking new for years to come. Polished concrete is also hypo-allergenic. Unlike carpet and wood flooring, allergens don’t accumulate on this surface. Furthermore, pests don’t tend to accumulate on concrete flooring due to it’s easy upkeep. Pest control companies, such as the pest control valdosta services there are on offer, and pest control services in many other locations, take less visits to basements that have concrete flooring compared to those properties with wooden or vinyl flooring.

Polished Concrete is Eco-Friendly!

Using very few materials such as lithium-based densifiers and stain-resistant sealers, polished concrete is an environmentally friendly flooring alternative. Traditional flooring options tend to produce or require harsh chemicals and materials in order to be long-lasting. Polished concrete, however, leaves no carbon footprint behind.

If ground properly, polished concrete is a terrific option for basement flooring. Whether you’re refinishing your space or building a new home, these floors define originality, pulling the entire room together. Affordable, eco-friendly, durable, and completely custom, polished concrete might be the best flooring option for your home!