Penetrating siloxane sealer is a great way to bring faded concrete back to life. When properly applied, this sealing method is intended to shield against moisture, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions. Along with all the weather protection it provides, it also prevents against concrete dusting and staining.

What sets penetrating siloxane sealers apart from other coatings is that it literally penetrates! This means that the sealer doesn’t just sit on the surface of the concrete, but forms a barrier which is resistant to wear and tear. This method even allows for a new “tinted” look, disguising against any discolored or unevenly colored surface, bringing the space together. This is great for businesses whose exteriors have become dull and dingy after years of harsh weather. The concrete may first need need commercial pressure washing, so that you have a nice, clean surface in which to apply the siloxane.

We performed this job in West Bloomington, MN. In order to prepare, our crew initially cleaned the space, removing any toxins that would harm or contaminate the concrete. Waiting for the surface to dry, the crew then began mechanically mixing the siloxane dye before applying it. When it was time to apply, they rolled on the sealer, providing a uniform distribution amongst the space. Considering that this space was around 957 sq ft, this process was then followed by another coat of sealer.

If your concrete is looking like the initial space below, penetrating siloxane sealer is an affordable, long-lasting way to renovate your outdoor space!