Preparing and executing the proper installment of a garage floor coating takes lots of precision and strategy. In order to create the proper bond between the concrete and the polyurea, our professionals follow a detailed process.


To be sure your current floors are a good candidate for the job, our project managers will assess your current space to understand the floor’s current condition to recognize what we will be working with. After doing so, our professional team will offer the proper solution for your home’s needs

Step 1: Preparation

Our installers will mechanically prepare your existing concrete by grinding the floor’s surface with diamond blades, hand grinders and will be shotblasted as needed. This removes a thin layer of concrete, as well as dirt, stains and oils, in order to create a solid bond with the soon to be applied garage floor coating. We then collect the dust that forms during this process.

Step 2: Repair the Surface

After surface grinding, we start by repairing the cracks, salt pitting, rock pops and any other uneven surfaces. In order to get rid of the imperfections, we open them up, clean them out and flood the cracks with our two-part patch system. After it sets and dries, we continue to grind over the surface, ensuring it has a seamless look.

Step 3: Coating the Surface

In order to seal the patch work, our installers will follow a specific method when applying the polyurea base coat. Combining the correct amount of each product with an electric mixer, we dip and roll the polyurea onto the surface. The flake is then thrown evenly onto the surface. Giving the floor an hour of drying time, our installers scrape the floor in a North to South direction, then East to West.  At this point, we blow off the excess flake that is collected and vacuum.

Step 4: Top Coat

The final step is applying the protective top coat. This seals in your new floor system, making it shiny and durable against any harsh chemicals. When applying, our installers pour the clear coat onto the surface and distribute the product evenly using a squeegee. Applying in a snake-shaped sequence, the process is then followed by a roller, ensuring an even finish.

When Can You Enjoy Your New Garage Floor

Dependent on weather conditions, after 24-48 hours after the product is applied, you are then able to walk on the surface. After 48-72 hours of dry time, driving on the surface is safe.