It has been a cold, snowy few weeks here in the Twin Cities. We hope everyone’s been staying warm and driving safely, given the unpredictable road conditions. The abrupt arrival of winter weather means that rock-bottom temperatures have become a constant concern, and while we may be longing for warmer climes or summertime, the stark reality of day-to-day life in Minneapolis is, in a word, chilly… but all is not lost! Spring will be coming before you know it.

When you think ahead to spring 2019, you may envision yourself relaxing on a luxurious backyard patio, on beautiful outdoor garden furniture, with family and friends. After all, every Minnesotan knows the value of a great patio during the warmer months. What you may not know, however, is that you can have that enviable patio designed and installed for less money than you’d think. Here at Concrete Science we love a good patio. And we’re committed to creating the very best backyard installations for our clients, customized to your specifications and your budget. So it’s time to give that backyard a makeover; use a shed removal company to get rid of any ancient, crumbling outbuildings, invest in some new outdoor furniture, do some weeding, and let us create a stunning new patio. You’ll be the envy of your friends.

Our talented installers can transform a simple patch of plain concrete into an elegant, functional backyard oasis. Do you dream of granite pavers or bluestone, but can’t manage the high cost? No problem! Our stamped concrete offers the look of natural stone or pavers for far less. Would you like your patio to match your house’s exterior color scheme? Or even be an extension of your refined interior decorating sensibilities? Not to worry—we have hundreds of concrete colors, staining and micro-topping options for you to choose from.

We know it’s cold outside now, but look on the bright side: Spring is on the way, and now is a great time to start planning your home improvement projects for the upcoming year. Do you have any landscaping plans for 2019? We’d love to hear about them!